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Meet vetted candidates in days.
Close your team in weeks.
We’ll be there every step of the way.
You call the shots.
We'll do the heavy lifting.
You call
the shots.
We'll do the heavy lifting.
We leverage high-tech tools
and top recruiting talent to drive a tight process —
with  you  in the driver’s seat.
We've reinvented the game.
No more unqualified candidates.
No more waiting months for introductions.
No more micro-managing the process.
No more feeling like you’re not a priority.
Our unbeatable formula.
Recruiters highly specialized in LatAm.
Lupa recruiters know where top Latin American talent is found, between our understanding of which companies to poach from, and which countries and cities to look in. We’re familiar with different cultures and profiles, ensuring cultural fit with the way your team does business. We also have detailed salary data from across the region, enabling you to find candidates that exceed your expectations, while you exceed theirs, for a fraction of what you would spend on US-based candidates.
We know how to build strong relationships with candidates, understand the nuance of hiring for specialized and high-tech roles, and run rapid, transparent processes from start to finish.
Top recruiters join Lupa because our AI-enabled search tools allow them to identify thousands of qualified candidates in minutes, cutting out the slow and tedious work of sifting through candidates for weeks on end. This enables Lupa recruiters to close 3x more roles — incentivizing them to join Lupa and stay.
Our team has deep experience recruiting for companies based in Latin America and for companies based outside of Latin America, sourcing either English- or Spanish-speaking candidates from across the region.
Personalized consulting on candidate profile and salary.
We are dedicated to making sure that you find great candidates who know the ropes and exceed your expectations.
We are available to help you define the type of candidate you’re looking for and can support you with salary data to ensure you’re not paying far above or below market rate — ensuring your team stays incentivized with the minimal appropriate spend on your end.
AI tooling that identifies thousands of qualified candidates in minutes.
We’ve developed tools that can search through millions of LinkedIn profiles and identify relevant candidates for any given role in minutes. This takes out the most time-consuming part of the job, cutting weeks off of the process.
Automated outreach and scheduling.
After our AI tooling filters through candidates to identify the most qualified, we send out automated outreach messages, testing to discover and re-use those messages with the highest open and respond rates.
We also have automated scheduling processes which move the sequence of interviews forward quickly and efficiently.
Introduction to the top 10-20% of candidates we’ve vetted for you.
We take around 20 interviews, identify only the candidates that truly fit your requirements, and typically send you  2-4 of the very top candidates in terms of skill set, performance, attitude, salary expectation, excitement about the company and role, and cultural fit.
Coaching and accompaniment through each close.
We take the wheel, scheduling meetings and taking accountability for the process moving forward from start to finish.
We provide guidance through each close by identifying the needs and desires of the candidate and informing you of all the relevant details we’ve learned so that you can speak to the candidate in terms that fit with what they are looking for in a role.
Cost savings passed on to you.
Our AI sourcing and automated outreach tools quickly and cheaply take care of tedious work which for other recruiting firms require long and labor-intensive processes. Our innovations dramatically reduce the time and money we need to spend in order to identify and engage with fantastic candidates on your behalf.

Trusted by the best.

“With Lupa, we rebuilt our entire tech team in less than a month. We’re spending half as much on talent. Ten out of ten.”
Dan Berzansky
CEO, OneTeam 360
“We needed to scale a new team quickly — with top talent. Lupa helped us build a great process, delivered great candidates quickly, and had impeccable service”
Phillipp Gutheim
Head of Product, RappiBank
“We scaled our first tech team at record speed with Lupa. We couldn’t be happier with the service and the candidates we were sent.”
Mateo Albarracin

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